Rydygier Hospital is a modern medical center located in Krakow. We provide services like health care, ambulatory and emergency.
We offer wide variety of specialist medical services such as:

  • lithotryption
  • endoscopy
  • ophthalmology
  • orthopedic
  • neuroortopedia

Our hospital performs comprehensive diagnostics, wide spectrum of medical procedures (invasive and non-invasive).
We assure high qualified and experienced staff, usage of newest technologies, suitable accommodation and high level of patient care. Our medical approach combines years of practice and up to date medical technologies.
We offer you fast and high quality diagnostics, a comprehensive array of healthcare services at place in order to provide the best services for our patients.

Laboratory of lithotripsy.
Laboratory of lithotripsy is one of the best equipped laboratories in Poland. The LITHOSTAR system offers an ideal combination of performance and flexibility enabling fast, easy, noninvasive and effective treatment of urinary tract stones, as well as a wide range of urological applications. In most cases, patients can be treated without general anesthesia, reducing risk, time and costs.

Endoscopy Department.
Offers 24 H services. The department offers examinations of upper and lower section of alimentary tract and endoscopical surgery.

Endoscopy Department offers:

  • diagnostic gastroscopy
  • diagnostic gastroscopy + helicobacter pylori test
  • therapetic gastroscopy - polypectomy
  • therapetic gastroscopy - musosectomy
  • therapetic gastroscopy - bleeding arrest with APC or clipping
  • therapetic gastroscopy - prosthesis imlantation


  • diagnostic ERCP
  • diagnostic ERCP with papillotomy
  • diagnostic ERCP with stone extraction
  • diagnostic ERCP with mechanical lithotripsy
  • diagnostic ERCP mechanical baloon dilatation
  • diagnostic ERCP with prosthesis implantation


  • diagnostic colonoscopy
  • diagnostic colonoscopy with polypectomy

Department of Ophthalmology.

We have a team of highly skilled ophthalmology physicians offering a full array of diagnostic and therapeutic eye services.
We aim to provide excellent care for patients with eye diseases.

Our comprehensive range of eye services include:

  • operation of cataract
  • retinal detachment
  • operation of glavcoma
  • corneal transplantation
  • eyelid's operation
  • pterygium operation
  • enucleation

Politrauma, Orthopedic and Neuroorthopaedic Department.

Department is being equipped with modern medical equipment and offers treatment of chronic diseases and injuries of osteoarticular system.
Department specializes in the field of traumatology and multiorgan injuries. We use the newest implant's models.

The orthopedic surgery offers:

  • primary and secondary alloplastic surgery of knee and hip
  • post resection alloplasty
  • reconstructive surgery of upper and lower limbs
  • arthroscopy of knee joint
  • surgical treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar discopathy
  • surgical treatment of spinal stenosis
  • surgical treatment of subsequent spine deformation ex. Spondylolisthesis
  • surgical treatment of the spine tumors
  • alloplastic of the disc in the cervical and lumbar spine
  • atlantooccipital osteosynthesis
  • prosthesis of the vertebral body
  • surgical management of spine (anterior approach)
  • surgical management of spine (posterior approach) transpedicular
  • anterior surgical procedures with use of intercorporal cages
  • vertebraplastry

Department of Plastic Surgery offers a range of treatments such as:

  • cure of skin cancer
  • cure of scars and contractures (from burn)
  • cure of bedsore scars
  • correction of scars (from injury and surgery)
  • removal of birthmarks, moles, atheromas, fatty tumours
  • reconstruction of nose, ears, lips and breast
  • reconstruction following cancer surgery and post trauma surgery
  • breast surgery: reconstruction
  • correction: ears, eyelids, scars, nose

Specialist intreatment of scald.
We employed highly skilled medical staff, who utilised modern technologies and provide secure and high quality services.
In our Hospital you will feel comfortable.
To fulfill our patient's needs we accept credit cards.

We invite to Rydygier Hospital.

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